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Absolutely amazing my mare was not happy under the saddle and she was bronking on pavement so I chose to get Emily out and today we was allowed to get back on and she was a star thank you so much highly recommended.


Great experience with ES Equine Sports Massage. Emily is very helpful and informative. My mare was completely at ease and thoroughly enjoyed her massage. Thank you Emily.



I used Emily for my mare after a kissing spines diagnosis. My pony needs to lose some weight before surgery so keeping her relaxed, supple and comfortable during this period is very important. Emily done a small work up to identify any areas where Dakota would benefit from treatment most. Emily then gave her a full body massage identifying any trigger points along the way and spending time on those. Dakota was so relaxed by the end of it and thoroughly enjoyed it grooming the wall in return the whole time! Dakota can be a bit shy of chiropractors/physio/ massages but Emily was patient, kind, and listened to her body language throughout. I’ve got total peace of mind that Dakota as is relaxed and comfortable as she can be leading up to her surgery thanks to Emily.


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